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Lampshades – “Thrills” [Song Review]

Toronto does many things well, and 80’s inspired noise rock is just one more to add to the list with this new killer single from three-piece Lampshades. Check out our review for our review.



Let’s face it, Toronto’s just better at some things. Loving the Blue Jays. Loving Drake. And loving 80’s-inspired noise. Okay, that last one is debatable, but there’s a strong case for it with releases from bands like Lampshades, a T.O.-based three piece whose new single is something that begs to be listened to live.

It’s exactly the teetering, on edge, derailed mess that manages to keep itself upright just long enough to cause serious damage, an unhinged maniac that stumbles under the weight of its own influences. And boy are there influences. With the likes of Jesus Lizard, Nick Cave, and Sonic Youth playing host to just some of the sounds the band is able to conjure up, it’s bewildering to see how effectively they can weave these sounds together seamlessly, while also delivering them in a sonic assault that begs to be played over and over.

It’s still delightfully catchy and manages to stick in the ear long enough to make you play out possible videos for the music in your mind’s eye. Here’s hoping the rest of their EP, which drops on December 9, is as strong as this single.

Run Time: 3:03
Release Date: December 9, 2016

Check out the track “Thrills”

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