London punk rock/hardcore band Eight Days will be releasing their new EP, More To Life, on October 14th and, ahead of it’s release, guitarist Ben sat down and talked us through the inspiration behind each of the four tracks on the EP.

01. Was It All Worth It
– “I wrote the lyrics to this song at work, I just got a new job a few weeks before, I was making a lot more money but losing time to practice with the band, play music and generally see friends and be myself. I realise as we are getting older a lot of old friends are discarding their old ambitions and goals just to pursue new jobs where they can make more money. I don’t see the point in that, from experience it changes you and not in a good way.”

02. Unclear
– “Leading on from the first song, “Unclear” is aimed at everyone (family/friends/colleagues) who have asked me in the past, “What are you doing with your life?”. I’ve been a landscape gardener for the past 4 years and while it may look like I’m stuck in that field of work, I feel like I’m moving forward with what we’re doing musically. Quite simply the future is unclear but we’d rather that than be like everyone else waiting around for payday or giving up on our ambitions in life. This is my favourite song on the EP and to play live.”

03. Counterweight
– “This EP is really based around where we are in our lives right now, each song I like to think is a re-assurance to us (I know it is to me) that we shouldn’t give up, that we should always look at how far we’ve come etc. “Counterweight” is about trying to find a healthy balance between what you do for work/time spent with your friends or loved ones and the time you spend working towards a goal in your life. I think too much time to yourself excludes you from the people that keep you sane, its good to get a break from things and come back with a fresh take on what you’re working on.”

04. Walls
– “Quite an angry one, the name for this song came from the idea of “The Wall” you can hit when you’re running. I’m very impatient at times and feel the clock is always against me, in this case “The Wall” may be doubts or worries about where we are right now. It’s a good song to vent to when we play it live. Just break the walls down and keep going (as cheesy as that sounds).”

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