It all stared with a simple login to MySpace and a picture which caught my eye. It started with this photo. Born and raised in Jacksonville Florida, this 28 year old traded in the bright sunshine for a different kind of light in L.A. Enter Tyler Shields. Probably the coolest person in L.A at this very moment. Why? Because he takes killer photographs and isn’t afraid of what he has to say, or better yet, display.

It’s true what they say, a picture is worth a thousand words, or beauty is in the eye of the beholder, yet not matter how cliché these two sayings may be, they have never rung so true. There is a lot more to Tyler than meets the eye. Besides taking artistic, provocative, obscene, and utterly beautiful pictures he can also direct a mean music video. Not to mention successfully shooting someone at a photo release party without injury, and being sleepless for 40 days… 40 days and 8 hours that is.

He has photographed everyone from Lindsay Lohan and Zachery Quinto (Star Wars), to Vampire Diaries and notable Canadian Nina Dobrev. From Brittney Snow to Hayden Pannettiere, to name but a few. Well you’re probably questioning why is he being featured on PGA? Well, Tyler did start off after all directing music videos, and if you have seen his portfolio he has shot everyone from My Chemical Romance, to System of a Down’s Serj Tankian.

Motto or not; “Just because someone tells you something is impossible, doesn’t mean it’s impossible” are words Tyler lives by. His provocative work boarders on the explicit and is to photography what smashing guitars and trashing hotel rooms is to rock and roll. His website is loaded with artistic photos, advertising shots called “collisions”, his infamous kills series and more; all definitely a must see. This man has a keen eye for detail and beauty… now go check it out!

Check out the video: Tyler Shields 2009″