Thrashing stages since 1998, Walls Of Jericho have decided it’s time to show their softer side, revealing this unexpected change on their latest work, Redemption. This five song EP gives the fans insight into the, until now, unseen alter ego of Walls Of Jericho.

Dropping their electric guitars for acoustics, the stringed section of the band sat down and wrote music from the opposite end of the spectrum. The songs are set at a slow pace, most prevalent in the song “My Last Stand”, which sets a relaxed mood for the album. The guitars are predominantly acoustic, punctuated with soft electric parts while the drums have been simplified to a mellow beat in support thereof. Changing from her usual screams, Candace Kucsulain brings down the heat with soft melodic singing on every track of the album. “No Saving Me” is the ‘exception to the rule’ track with a few screaming vocals.

In addition to producing, Redemption Corey Taylor (Slipknot/Stone Sour) makes a guest appearance and can be heard singing alongside Candace on the tracks “Ember Drive”, “My Last Stand” and “Addicted”. He also adds guitar in the song “Addicted”. Without a doubt Corey has put a great deal of work into this EP. In addition to sounding great, the album artwork, by Martin Blanco, is exceptionally well done. The layout and the drawings definitely project the melodic yet dissonant mood of the album.

Redemption is unlike any other acoustic album I have heard. It captures the emotions that the band is trying to portray to their listeners and demands you respect the band more as musicians with their ability to write in a style of music other than what they have performed before. This album is for all Walls Of Jericho fans that want to experience the versatility of this sick group.  [ END ]

Track Listing:

01. Ember Drive
02. My Last Stand
03. No Saving Me
04. House Of The Rising Sun
05. Addicted

Run Time: 22:18
Release Date: 04.29.2008