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Swamp Thing

In Shame (03.17.2009)



In Shame is the debut CD for Richmond, VA based hardcore band Swamp Thing. This is a whirlwind of a disc with 13 songs clocking in at just over 19 minutes. The ability to cram so many songs on a disc that is less than a quarter of an hour is quite amazing feat.

I have mentioned it before in other reviews and I am sure the readers will also note, that there are way too many cookie cutter bands in the Hardcore/Metalcore genres. It seems these days they are multiplying like rabbits, not a day goes by when I do not receive at least one or two discs from bands representing this genre. While I do enjoy this music, I feel that it is a genre that is ever increasingly becoming diluted and oversaturated with mediocrity.

In Shame does not necessarily break the mold or redefine the Hardcore genre, but it is a solid representation of the Hardcore/Metalcore scene. Fast-paced and super-heavy the instrumentation is quite stellar. The vocals are also impressive and are typical of this style of music, but at times the screaming became almost too much for me. Early on the tunes seemed to get repetitive and slightly boring.

Don’t get the wrong idea though because while I prefer a little bit of variety and some melody in my music, In Shame is a decent record and fans of the genre will not be disappointed in the least.  [ END ]

Track Listing:

01. Crush
02. I Hate This
03. It’s Our Fault
04. In Shame
05. Lock The Door
06. Stepping Stones
07. Enjoy It
08. Regretting And Forgetting
09. Your Faces
10. What Did We Do
11. Leeches
12. I’ve Let You Ruin Me
13. Hiding

Run Time: 19:24

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