Diary is a more than appropriate name for INK’s Poison Tree Records debut, due in large to the fact that it reflects exactly what the CD boasts; a poetic vent of frustration and a reflection of the sinister side of the mind. Diary offers a range of sounds from mellow to sorrow and from rage to misery. Although teeming with raw emotion, the nine songs seems short for any album.

At first i was disapointed with the length, alas short can be a good thing as is evident in this case: all of the songs are very well-done and there isn’t really isn’t any filler. Each song has its place and each one makes the album more substantial than it actually is.

My favourite track is “Easy Day.” I think it includes all the best parts of the album in one song, including the changing pace of the song, great guitars and lead singer Chris Tsantalis’ talemted vocals.

I’d love to know more about where INK came from; they definitely make great music. They’ve been in the biz for ten years, and I hope they stay in in it for ten more. I have a feeling if they keep producing albums like this, they just may.  [ END ]

Track Listing:

01. Welcome
02. Easy Day
03. The Drug on Years
04. Little Hippie Freak
05. Hear Pills
06. Superhero
07. Strange Lullaby
08. Misery the Dream
09. Sundays Wheeping

Run Time: 49:12