The Hardcore/Heavy Metal band The Great Commission are set to release their debut CD on February 17th, 2008. The band name The Great Commission and CD title And Every Knee Shall Bow may conjure up thoughts of yet another Christian Metal band, and while this notion is indeed reasonable, it is 100% wrong.

And Every Knee Shall Bow opens with “(Declaration) Of War” a musical narrative of sorts that sets up the band’s ideology and mission statement then launches into a full on hardcore/metal assault that reminded me of something along the lines of Hatebreed. A lethal mix of powerful guitars, unbelievable drumming combined with powerful, chanting gang vocals and chugga-chugga rhythm that is sure to ignite a frenzy amongst the crowds in a live setting.

I was particularly impressed with the production of this disc. It is exceptionally well-produced and even though there is a lot going on in each track, there is still enough separation amongst the vocals and instruments to be able to make out what each member is contributing; a tough job for sure but one that I think has been successfully achieved on disc.

This disc is chock-full of memorable tunes, but the ones that stand out the most to me are the title track “And Every Knee Shall Bow ” (which is undoubtedly the heaviest thing out of all ten tracks) and the more melodic “Dawning Of A New Day.”

Don’t let message of The Great Commission stop you from listening to this disc, by doing so you will do yourself a great disservice. There are tons of good grooves and even more pit-friendly breakdowns to satisfy any fan of this genre. I know it is early in the year but I believe And Every Knee Shall Bow sets the bar pretty high, making this one of the better discs I have heard so far this year. I think it is an early on favorite for the genre’s strongest statement of the year.  [ END ]

Track Listing:

01. (Declaration) of War
02. Every Knee Shall Bow
03. I Dub City
04. A New Hope
05. Let Your Kingdom Come
06. Iron Sharpens Iron
07. The Road Less Traveled (Conviction)
08. The Way The Truth The Life
09. In A Time Where Hope Was
10. Dawning of a New Day

Run Time: 39:31