Farwell to Freeway are one of the most recognizable touring bands in the Ontario indie music scene, playing show after show with groups all over the map – from Silverstein to Emmure – as their style lends quite well to varying branches of heavy music.

Their latest EP In These Wounds finds the band leaning a bit more towards the ‘heavy’ rather than the ‘emotional’ side of their past material. They’ve really stripped down their sound to bare-boned, raw heaviness that makes this EP a lot ‘bigger’ than before, and it really seems to work for the most part.

The record’s title track is the first of the six songs offered, and it wastes no time beginning the onslaught of pummeling palm-muted riffs consistent throughout the record. While there is fear of this trick become tired, there is enough variation in both riffage and rhythm as, say, on a Killswitch Engage release to keep In These Wounds safe from going pre-maturely stale.

Adam Lambert’s growls, much like the songs they accompany, sound much bigger on this release, and only add to how drudgingly heavy these tracks are. Chris Lambert’s singing also sounds a lot more confident, which adds to the album’s mature and focused aura. Some solid and well-deployed harmonies, as well as some really tasty gang-vocals are also wisely peppered into the mix for some added intrigue.

The EP’s ‘closer’ (other than the re-released “Promises of the Gods”), “Threat Company” is the embodiment of why this release ultimately works for Farwell to Freeway. The song continues to break down into heavier and heavier sections, the entire time void of anything but raw aggression that ensures an un-clouded and delivery of balls-out heavy. Dudes that swing their arms like gorillas in heat will be pleased.

All-in-all, these six songs are quite a treat for any fan of Killswitch-style metal, but specifically for those familiar with FTF’s past material interested in hearing the sonic direction in which they’re headed.  [ END ]

Track Listing:

01. In These Wounds
02. Held Down by Busted Arms
03. Misconceptions
04. Lies Between Lives
05. Threat Company
06. Promises of the Gods (Re-release)

Run Time: 29:22