Birmingham-based psych doom band Alunah are proud to announce that they have signed a worldwide album deal with Napalm Records. Alunah worked with them previously on a limited vinyl release of the band’s last record White Hoarhound, and after demo-ing some new tracks entered talks with Napalm Records regarding a full worldwide recording and publishing contract. Napalm Records will release a limited edition digi-pack and gatefold LP; and Michael Cowell will illustrate the full packaging.

Graveyard is a band from Gothenburg, Sweden that has created quite a buzz over the last few years by cranking out some incredible, retro ’70s rock & roll style tunes. The band’s third release, Lights Out, picks up where their last album left off, thrusting the listener immediately into a bluesy, rough-around-the-edges landscape that is OH SO enjoyable!