Graveyard is a band from Gothenburg, Sweden that has created quite a buzz over the last few years by cranking out some incredible, retro ’70s rock & roll style tunes. The band’s third release, Lights Out, picks up where their last album left off, thrusting the listener immediately into a bluesy, rough-around-the-edges landscape that is OH SO enjoyable!

There are no pretenses or gimmicks to be found here; everything is recorded in the analog domain with minimal effects processing, leaving the songs and performances to speak for themselves; sort of like a less is more concept… and let me tell you, it works well! The nine heavily riff-driven songs speak loud and clear; they are soulful, honest and incredibly organic.

I think Graveyard is an excellent alternative to what is happening in the hard rock/heavy metal scene theses days. These guys are not caving to trends, but rather are forging a path all their own. Lights Out is definitely a disc worth your time and attention.

Track Listing:

01. An Industry of Murder
02. Slow Motion Countdown
03. Seven Seven
04. The Suits, the Law & the Uniforms
05. Endless Night
06. Hard Times Lovin’
07. Goliath
08. Fool In The End
09. 20/20 (Tunnel Vision)

Run Time: 35:33
Release Date: November 6, 2012

Check out the song: “Goliath”