Out friends in the Swedish post-metalcore quintet, Imminence, released their new 10-song album, I, via We Are Triumphant Records on September 9th, 2014. Much like their previous effort, Return To Helios, this new release is packed to the gills with massive hooks, and memorable monster metal moments! In promotion of the recording, we’ve teamed with the guys to help premiere this PHAT new lyric video for their track “Last Leg.” Hit play and be blown away!

Architects: a band. Before I began listening to this particular album by said band, I had maybe only listened to a few songs in the past and somehow always manage to confuse them with the litany of rock/metal bands that are named after plural nouns relating to natural law. But, I digress. This album is Heluva Good Dip. Def. an album where if you’re not careful, you will double dip and get the stink eye from people around you as you get carried away with air drumming.

For those of you hoping this new Architect album will bring back the Architects you loved from Nightmares and The Hear and The Now, you will be sorely disappointed. The band has pretty much abandoned all the things that made those albums what they were and have joined the masses with this un-remarkable, un-memorable, and very generic sounding album.