The French industrial metal act JENX is preparing to release Drift, a revamped and remixed version of their critically acclaimed 2012 record Enuma Elish, from which six tracks were selected and have been totally deconstructed and rebuilt by the band’s keyboardist Lyynk into what I can best describe as a tapestry of widely varied sounds and beats that are reminiscent of NIN meets Depeche Mode meets Ministry.

I’ve never really appreciated concept albums, but if you stole a car – like, bare hands through the windshield and hotwired with your teeth, stole a car – won a drag race in said vehicle and then later overdosed in an attempt to get to sleep; this is definitely what it would sound like. I’m sure that’s what Toronto’s Greys were going for.

You’d be wise to get strapped in before hitting play on Drift, the new three-song EP from Toronto’s Greys which comes out February 12th on Kind of Like Records. The EP kicks off with a raw, gut-churning roar from singer/guitarist Shehzaad Jiwani and takes off from there to create an unrelentingly powerful and explosive experience over the next ten minutes of music. Those who have missed 90s bands such as Fugazi, Drive Like Jehu or Shellac will find plenty in Greys to soothe their nostalgia for post-punk/noise rock.