The French industrial metal act JENX is preparing to release Drift, a revamped and remixed version of their critically acclaimed 2012 record Enuma Elish, from which six tracks were selected and have been totally deconstructed and rebuilt by the band’s keyboardist Lyynk into what I can best describe as a tapestry of widely varied sounds and beats that are reminiscent of NIN meets Depeche Mode meets Ministry.

This is my first exposure to JENX and their music and I was completely blown away by what I found. Lyynk takes the listener on an emotional roller coaster with tons of tempo changes that drive the songs from dancey techno/electro grooves through dark industrial moments of despair, and even chaotic moments filled with sheer noise. These remixes run the gamut of sounds, textures, and emotions and never get stale or boring, no matter how long they last. Take, for example, the disc opener “Inner View”, a grand undertaking at more than 11 minutes long, but there are so many twists, turns, and surprises that it keeps the listener on his or her toes.

Bottom line: this is a fresh, invigorating release that fans of industrial metal and/or remixes are sure to totally dig!

Track Listing:

01. Inner View
02. The Flood (Dry version)
03. The Loss (Deeper version)
04. The Element
05. Chains of Labor (Broken version)
06. Renewal

Run Time: 39:05
Release Date: February 4, 2014

Check out the remix album trailer