Amenra today confirms that they will make a rare appearance in the UK to perform a one-off show with Cult Of Luna in London on Tuesday, January 22nd, amidst an already incredible tour itinerary already locked down for the rest of 2012 and well into 2013. On these pending live rituals the band will be performing songs from across their prolific canon and especially their thunderous new album Mass V which was released via Neurot Recordings just last week.

At The Graves, the trio consisting of Ben Price (guitars, vocals, drums), Joseph Jacklin (drums) and Andy Schmidt (bass) make music that can be best described as a combination of down-tempo, experimental and metal. Formed in 2008 as just a side project, Price’s other group would break up allowing for him to focus 100% of his time and attention on At The Graves, quickly writing and recording their latest album, Solar.

After an agonizing 16 year wait, legendary death metal pioneers Autopsy are back with a new full-length release, Macabre Eternal. From the very moment I turned this on, I was reminded why this band have always been held in such high regard by those in the business; these guys know how to crank out some serious death metal. Autopsy doesn’t miss a beat and Macabre Eternal seems to pick up exactly where they left off years ago.