Bottom Feeder


San Antonio, TX-based metal quintet Kingdom Collapse are a seriously powerful musical juggernaut who, if you have any reason to doubt us whatsoever, will turn you into a believer after you simply hit play (via the SoundCloud player just above) on their new track “Bottom Feeder”. You’ll notice that your mouth is now hanging agape and collecting flies as an absolutely thundering wall of sound has enveloped you entirely and begun to draw mental comparisons to that of being tossed around in a tidal wave. This my friend is the opening track from Kingdom Collapse’s new EP, Common Ground.

Check out the new song “Bottom Feeder” from powerviolence-seared hardcore instigators Call Of The Void. The track comes off the band’s fittingly titled Dragged Down A Dead End Path full-length, set to detonate next month. A perennially infuriated 25+ minute display of audio hate, Dragged Down A Dead End Path was recorded at the Boar’s Nest in Salt Lake City, Utah by Andy Patterson, mastered by Chris Mcnaughton, and offers up a maniacal fusion of grind, crust and broken souls.