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GIGGS (Live Event Industry Career Platform) Officially Launches Publicly

GIGGS is the premier career platform for the live event industry. In live event production, the right connections determine one’s career.




GIGGS is the premier career platform for the live event industry. In live event production, the right connections determine one’s career. Whether you’re seeking your next gig or hiring top-tier talent, GIGGS is revolutionizing the industry landscape and is becoming the ultimate gateway for industry opportunities and career progression.

Just five months after its beta launch, GIGGS has amassed 10,000 users and over 150 job posts and hires. Backed by significant capital investment and support from leading names in the touring industry, GIGGS has honed a solution for the live event industry’s employment needs, creating an efficient, streamlined process for hiring industry professionals.

Industry vet and Nashville Briefing 30 Under 30 awardee Nikki Sanz founded GIGGS after witnessing first-hand the industry’s challenges and inefficiencies, most notably working on the road with artists including Eric Church and George Strait, on top of working various other live gigs and staffing tours. GIGGS reimagines the traditional, fragmented gigging landscape into a centralized platform for vetted touring professionals and companies to find jobs, hire, and connect.

Nikki Sanz, photo by Lindsey Grace Whiddon

Nikki Sanz, photo by Lindsey Grace Whiddon

Sanz says:

“I’ve experienced the inefficiencies plaguing the hiring processes of the live event industry. GIGGS helps save executive time spent on inefficient word-of-mouth hiring methods. Employers can directly connect with a vetted, skilled workforce to find the exact talent they need, when they need it. It’s not just about filling positions; it’s about optimising time and resources to focus on what truly matters – load in and out on time, and a flawless show!”

Gone are the days when someone’s next career move depended on who they knew. GIGGS is tearing down these barriers. Qualified live event professionals now have access to a world of opportunities that were once out of reach.

Sanz adds:

“GIGGS streamlines hiring for production companies, tour management, venues, artist managers, and live event organisers by offering vetted, top-tier professionals. We aim to ensure that only qualified candidates apply to jobs. It’s about efficiency, quality, and connecting the right people to bring creative visions to life.”

With partnerships in place from every facet of the live event industry, GIGGS is an idea whose time has come. The company hosted a successful first live networking event in collaboration with ACM (Academy of Country Music) in Nashville this February and has plans to expand these community events to major cities across the country including Los Angeles, New York, Chicago, Austin, and more throughout 2024.

Join now and create your own GIGGS profile here!

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