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Jager Henry Drop “first piece of the puzzle” with “BLEED” Single

Jager Henry, grandson of drumming legend John Bonham and son of drummer Jason Bonham, has announced his new single “BLEED.”



Jager Henry Bonham in 2023, photo by Jessica Christian
Jager Henry Bonham in 2023, photo by Jessica Christian

On February 9th, Jager Henry Bonham will release his most anticipated single yet, “BLEED.” This song is the first puzzle piece for an EP that will be dropping soon.

On the single, Henry comments:

“The single is inspired by the thought of your guardian angel not being there or ignoring you and feeling like you are being left out, which is something I dealt with before in my past while I was stuck at rock bottom just staring up at them asking for help as they turn away. The song was also written for the viewers or listeners to be able to take their own story out of it as well, whether they see my picture of the angel or see it as a partner or friend, that is the beauty of it.

“For the video I wanted almost the opposite. I went for a grunge dirty look of more performances scenes with manikins involved wrapped in plastic representing the world of people all just covered up hiding who they are.”

If the name sounds familiar, Henry is a third-generation musician with a lot to live up to (you may have heard of John and Jason Bonham). Instead of walking the same drum path as his father and grandfather, Jager chose a slightly different musical path.

“My voice is my instrument. My genre is a little different too, but it’s all rock n’ roll.”

Why did Jager decide against using his well-known Bonham last name for his music project? In his own words,

“I was always talked about due to my last name, so I thought why not switch it up a little and just basically took my last name and replaced it with my middle name and it had a nice ring to it.”

Jager Henry Bonham “BLEED” single artwork

Jager Henry Bonham “BLEED” single artwork