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PHUTURE MEMORIEZ Premiere Their “Some Open Hand Cues” Music Video

Industrial group Phuture Memoriez premiere their “Open Hand Cues” music video from their record ‘Play Cobra’ (Nerve Wracking Collections).



PHUTURE MEMORIEZ, photo by Molly Zhang
PHUTURE MEMORIEZ, photo by Molly Zhang

Are you ready for some more from the offbeat, eccentric, unconventional mind of Phuture Memoriez? Of course you are.

The dark synth-pop-punk group returns today with the premiere of their new “Some Open Hand Cues” music video. They have been on a roll lately, pumping out their odd but awesome video clips, like our premiere back in the fall of their “Ear Blue” video. The songs can be found on the Vancouver trio’s latest record, Play Cobra, which was released in October via Nerve Wracking Collections. As you get to know more about the Phuture Memoriez catalogue, you realize more and more that their conventional is unconventional. Their songs are frenetic, fast-paced, and hectic in all of the right ways. Led by the unassailable duo of Marc and Jessica Blaquiere, they aim to create hypnotic listening experiences.

Telling us more about the “Some Open Hand Cues” video clip, the Blaquieres tell us:

“The video for ‘Some Open Hand Cues’ was first conceptualized from the technical idea of a spinning camera with the desire of creating a hypnotic effect. From that 360-degree viewpoint, watch Phuture Memoriez execute choreographed dance moves and hand cues that lead to the end product of a too-good-to-be-true cake. Watch closely to catch their intermittent AI metamorphoses. This is the second video released from the album Play Cobra.”

When it comes to a hypnotic listening experience, Phuture Memoriez means it. Each of the ten tracks on Play Cobra is recorded at the same tempo of 138 BPM. There’s a desired effect here, and a lot of thought has been put into it. Influenced by early punk and hardcore, with some hints of Krautrock and industrial rock, each song expresses internal turmoil and angst set against discordant hooks and consonant feedback. The band uses many innovative recording tools to create their unique sound. They use various tools like digital/analog synths, pedals, noisemakers, and other gadgets that help create this one-of-a-kind sound. Play Cobra is a harmonious symphony of sound in the most imaginative ways.

Phuture Memoriez ‘Play Cobra’ album artwork

Phuture Memoriez ‘Play Cobra’ album artwork