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Oddy Knocky Shares “Skipping” Single off Upcoming Debut LP ‘On A Spit’



Oddy Knocky, photo by Nathan Reed
Oddy Knocky, photo by Nathan Reed

Oddy Knocky, the solo project of Bread Pilot’s Stephen Ibanez, releases the new single and video for his electronic indie-pop track, “Skipping.” The track is taken from the upcoming debut album, On A Spit, due out on February 9th, 2024. Pre-order the record right here.

Oddy Knocky started as a way to experiment with recording and manipulating sounds as a teenager, the project has shapeshifted over the past decade to adapt to changing tastes and production abilities gathered over the years. Largely abandoning many of the lofi elements of his early recordings, the urge to process and distort sounds has been maintained. More recent recordings mesh together efficient pop songwriting with playful production and left-turn arrangements. The processed pop of his new record, On A Spit attempts to encapsulate a lot with a little. It’s filled with little gems of songs, generally hovering around two minutes, that are economical and straight to the point, leaving you wanting to loop it back around.

On A Spit is Oddy Knocky’s first full-length record after a smattering of compilations and loosies over the past decade. He tends to work in bursts, letting songs sit over time before compiling some of his favourite recordings into something more cohesive. Bread Pilot, Ibanez’s collaborative band, had taken up most of his songwriting capacity over the past decade, with the Oddy Knocky project generally sitting on the backburner. With Bread Pilot’s first extended hiatus in the past year since its inception in 2011, Ibanez has been able to bring more focus and intention to the project than ever before. The songs encapsulate memories of his time living in Seattle from 2017 through 2023, inspired by the natural beauty of the Pacific Northwest, lifelong friendships, finding and losing love, good and bad habits and the unfiltered creativity of youth.

On A Spit Track Listing:

1. Dreamt
2. Rings
3. Skipping
4. Tim
5. Holding Gold
6. Wheelhouse
7. Sweet Tooth
8. Jut
9. Tide Shift
10. Rosie Roll

Oddy Knocky ‘On a Spit’ album artwork

Oddy Knocky ‘On a Spit’ album artwork

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