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Ryan Liberty Megan Unveils His “Held” Music Video

Ryan Liberty Megan, the trailblazing alt-country artist, is set to release his latest music video for the emotionally resonant track “Held.”



Ryan Megan in July 2023, photo by Matthew Hersch

Ryan Liberty Megan, the trailblazing alt-country artist from New Paltz, New York, has released his latest music video for the emotionally resonant track “Held.” The video, showcasing Ryan’s inimitable style and depth, received an exclusive premiere on Idioteq, marking a new pinnacle in his creative odyssey.

The music video for “Held,” an exquisite track from Ryan Liberty Megan’s debut album, El Songo, takes a distinct and deeply personal turn. In an unexpected departure from his previous works, the song uniquely features no vocals from Ryan himself. Instead, it showcases his emotive guitar playing, which forms the backbone of this deeply touching piece. This artistic choice adds a layer of introspective depth, allowing the music to speak directly to the listener’s soul.

The video is a poignant montage that weaves together the threads of Ryan’s past and present. It begins with a series of family portraits and snapshots from his youth, featuring cherished moments with family members. These images, brimming with nostalgia and a sense of lineage, paint a picture of the influences and memories that have shaped Ryan into the artist and person he is today.

As the video progresses, it transitions into more recent compositions from Ryan’s current life. Viewers are treated to intimate glimpses of his home, his beloved cats, and the serene, natural landscapes that surround his residence. These current scenes serve as a striking counterpoint to the earlier images, highlighting the journey Ryan has embarked on from his childhood to now.


“Held” distinguishes itself as a track that masterfully marries the gritty essence of alt-country with Ryan’s distinctive sound. It’s a song that speaks to the heart, weaving a tapestry of raw emotion and introspective lyricism. Complementing the single, the upcoming music video promises to be a cinematic journey rich in narrative and aesthetic appeal.

Ahead of the video’s release, listeners can immerse themselves in the haunting beauty of “Held” on El Songo, his inimitable debut album, released on September 30 this year.

Ryan Liberty Megan "Held" single artwork

Ryan Liberty Megan “Held” single artwork