Unhealthy While Unhinged, a NuCore act formulated only two months ago, released their debut single, “Trump Card,” this week. UWU started as a passing joke that grew beyond reason into a full-blown project that aims to bring unhinged and chaotic energy to their performances, showcasing what the band and music are all about.

Commenting on the song, lead singer Brandon Radic states:

“This single is our first release and it shows off a bit of everything we bring to the table. Our different styles of music and the unhinged humor of the band as well as our controversial lyrics that speak to a topic that we want to scream about.”

Introducing Unhealthy While Unhinged – the band that crawled out of Cleveland’s musical underbelly faster than you can say “UwU.” Born from the ashes of questionable life choices and a shared love for chaos, this dynamic quartet emerged like a phoenix, only much more deranged and way less graceful.

Hailing from the land of eternal cloud cover, rusty bridges, and questionable sports team choices, Unhealthy While Unhinged wasted no time before taking the NuCore scene by storm. In a city known for its resilience, these guys decided to prove that resilience can also be pretty darn unhinged. They’re the musical equivalent of drinking ten cups of coffee and then trying to solve a Rubik’s Cube blindfolded: unpredictable, intense, and bound to leave you questioning your decisions.

Picture this: a bunch of musicians from Cleveland, all uniquely talented but collectively unhinged, locking themselves in a room for a couple of weeks. What emerged was a sound that can only be described as a mix between a thunderstorm and a blender making a smoothie out of metal scraps.

If you’re into music that punches you in the face and then apologizes with a sarcastic remark, Unhealthy While Unhinged is your new obsession. Their rise to fame was as rapid as their drummer’s heartbeat during a caffeine overdose. In under two months, they transformed from a bunch of misfits jamming in a basement to a full-fledged, touring, and fully functional band. How? We’re not entirely sure. We suspect it involved copious amounts of energy drinks, sleepless nights, and a questionable pact with a guitar-playing demon.

Unhealthy While Unhinged isn’t just a band. They’re a live wire of unhinged energy, a musical rollercoaster that throws you into a pit of sarcasm and pulls you out with brutal breakdowns and trap beats. Their lyrics are a twisted tapestry of dark humour and social commentary, delivered with the intensity of a caffeinated auctioneer.

Unhealthy While Unhinged “Trump Card” single artwork
Unhealthy While Unhinged “Trump Card” single artwork