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Miss Velvet Grabs Her Bags for the “Traveler” Music Video Premiere

Miss Velvet has experienced lots of change over the last two years and she’s documenting it in her video for the title track to ‘Traveller.’



Miss Velvet, photo by Chris Quinn

Once you learn more about Miss Velvet, it’s not hard to see why she titled her new album Traveler. But it’s not just the act of travelling that is significant here; it’s also the mindset. Today, we help in premiering the video for the album’s title track, a moving, empowering anthem about rising above challenges and rising to the occasion.

With Traveler coming tomorrow, we don’t have long to wait to hear this gripping, inspirational new piece of work. The video clip features some dazzling visuals as you see Miss Velvet, suitcase in hand, setting off toward new journeys. It’s reflective of the twists and turns her own life has experienced over the last couple of years.

Regarding the song, Miss Velvet shares:

“‘Traveler’ is a song about finding the courage to move beyond loss, limitation and life’s disappointments to find a new path where freedom and possibility lie, and then having the faith to follow it. ‘I’m a traveler of possibilities.’”

As she alludes to, Traveler is a reflection on the roles of being a musician, an artistic explorer, and a young mother. Musically, it harkens back to a purer time in rock n’ roll, a classic sound that she and Jones really connected over. The legendary George Clinton, whom Miss Velvet previously opened for on tour, referred to her voice as “the definition of rock n roll.” Listening through to Traveler, you’ll see what he means. Within the scope of her journey on this record is also a statement on modern femininity. Balancing love, loss, responsibility, and uncertainty is very relatable, particularly for young women. Those engaging characteristics make for some compelling, mandatory listening.


There is a significant story behind Traveler and how it developed. As Miss Velvet describes it, it all seemed very much meant to be:

“I landed in Los Angeles two years ago after a lifetime in New York City. The throws of the pandemic and a heartbreaking band breakup looming large in my rearview mirror. I remember driving up the PCH and feeling all that become more distant with each mile driven. In front of me was a new life, one of motherhood and of new beginnings with my soulmate.

“With all that comes with building a new life, and despite the obstacles that one faces when a musical journey ends unceremoniously, my love for making music and performing never waned and fortuitously, through a maze of relationships old and new I was introduced to Esjay Jones, a dynamite producer and songwriter. We immediately hit it off and soon after, in the midst of raising my infant daughter and building my new life out west, we wrote and recorded the album Traveler, a musical diary that will forever represent those days of new love, new life and new horizons.”

Miss Velvet ‘Traveller’ album artwork

Miss Velvet ‘Traveller’ album artwork

Traveler Track Listing:

1. Mother
2. High Like an Aeroplane
3. Long Way Home
4. Traveler
5. Feel Good
6. Zumirez
7. Lovin’ in the Afternoon
8. Gritty City
9. White Pony
10. Born to be Your Own Wild