Ahead of the release of Everything Everything’s seventh studio album, Mountainhead, in March 2024, the band has released a single titled “The Mad Stone.” The song has a very upbeat and uplifting tone, which is in line with the music video’s depiction of people climbing a mountain. The song has a strong techno feel to it, with a steady beat while, lyrically, “The Mad Stone” centers around the complex issues associated with simply being human—discussing pleasure centers, control, and belief, religious or otherwise.

The band tells us that “‘The Mad Stone’ represents the thesis at Mountainhead’s core: a pseudo-concept album that takes aim at late-stage capitalism (amongst other earth-eating constructs) and questions our culture of growing with no limit and no forethought.” We anxiously await the release of this album, given the strong start “The Mad Stone” represents!

Mountainhead Track Listing:

1. Wild Guess
2. End of The Contender
3. Cold Reactor
4. Buddy, Come Over
5. R U Happy?
6. The Mad Stone
7. TV Dog
8. Canary
9. Don’t Ask Me to Beg
10. Enter the Mirror
11. Your Money, My Summer
12. Dagger’s Edge
13. City Song
14. The Witness

Run Time (Single): 3:45
Release Date (Single): November 17, 2023
Record Label: BMG UK

Everything Everything, photo by Steve Gullick
Everything Everything, photo by Steve Gullick