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Cassetta Release Their New Single “Picking Scabs”

Cassetta, a metal supergroup made up of members of Suicide Silence, Scars of Tomorrow, and more, have released their single “Picking Scabs.”



Cassetta, photo by Brad Alexander

Cassetta, a new project based out of Greater Los Angeles, has released their latest single, “Picking Scabs,” on Bandcamp, Spotify, Apple Music, and all DSPs. The hardcore group blends influences from the heaviest, darkest spaces to create a relentless, pummeling wall of sound.

Their debut show will take place this Friday, November 17th, at Chain Reaction in Anaheim with Desmadre, Harsh Reality, Ishiki, and Darasuum. Cassetta features ex/current members of Suicide Silence, Pressure Cracks, Fake Figures, and Scars of Tomorrow.

“Picking Scabs” was produced by the band and mixed by Jeff Dunne (Knocked Loose, Make Them Suffer, Veil Of Maya, Emmure, etc). Cassetta keeps things simple, brutal, and honest, leaning into the pure energy of each down-tuned riff, taking the listener on a journey down a dark, deeply personal path with vocalist Conor Eaton’s lyrics. The band is rounded out by guitarist/songwriter Kevin Fifield (Pressure Cracks/Scars of Tomorrow), Marc Motley (The Arson Choir), Bob Bradley (Fake Figures/Scars of Tomorrow) and Alex Lopez (Suicide Silence).

The band also released a two-song cassette, which includes previous singles “Swallow the Sun” and “Thin Blue Crime.” The cassette, alongside enamel pins and two shirt variants, is available now via their Bandcamp store.

Cassetta “Swallow The Sun” single artwork

Cassetta “Swallow The Sun” single artwork