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Autumn Luz Punches Out the Premiere of Her Powerful “Pang” Single

Singer-songwriter Autumn Luz has broken through with her poignant and powerful new single “Pang,” from her brand new EP ‘Fragments.’



Autumn Luz, photo by Zave Smith

Often, some of the most interesting artists are the darkest artists, a place you may categorize the compelling Autumn Luz. Today, the singer-songwriter reveals her new single, “Pang” off of her forthcoming debut Fragments EP.

Highly musically dynamic and diverse, the song describes the development and sensations behind an intense, unfulfilled romantic desire. It emerges with fun and excitement before proceeding to a state of vulnerability. There are many emotions and sensations that come along the way. Heavy, intense, raw, dark, imperfect, soulful, raging… The mind races between all of these feelings, with doubt and uncertainty playing a significant role throughout.

From her point of view, Luz describes the song as:

“‘Pang’ is the song no one wants to stop grooving to. It’s the only one it’s hard to get my band to stop playing when we’re practicing it, and I can’t listen to without dancing a bit. When I sent the demo to Samwe, I suggested we cut a verse to bring the length down. And when he sent his arrangement back to me, it was even longer than what I had sent him! As the final song we produced for the EP, we felt entitled to just fully rock out with it and take it everywhere it could go.”

The aforementioned Samwe was Luz’s trusted co-producer, co-writer, and multi-instrumentalist throughout the writing process for Fragments. There are dark undertones to this five-song collection, a theme Luz fleshed out even before she began writing the record. She came up with the album title before any of the songs were developed. It connects with the theme of the complex emotions that haunt childhood trauma and survives well into adulthood. This trauma influences how they shape their experiences and form and develop relationships. Luz is herself a trauma survivor, and she views these experiences as having broken into pieces her sense of self.


With passion, poetry, and fury, Luz deals with her trauma head-on. The songs describe elements that compose the wildest time of her life. Connecting with parts of her identity she ignored for a long time, there’s a cathartic element to Fragments, helping offer Luz, and maybe even you, the listener, some peace of mind.

Autumn Luz ‘Fragments’ EP album artwork

Autumn Luz ‘Fragments’ EP album artwork