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Album Review

Terri J. – ‘Groovy Moovy’ [Album Review]

Overall, Groovy Moovy is the perfect introduction to Terri J.’s multi-faceted outlook on songwriting, which guarantees her discography will have something for every listener.



Terri J. 'Groovy Moovy' album artwork, photo by Edward Axel

California-based singer-songwriter Terri J. recently released her debut album, Groovy Moovy, with Rockstone Records.

Blending her singular songwriting style and euphoric harmonies with rhythms inspired by Soul music from the ’60s and ’70s, Groovy Moovy incorporates various neo-soul influences, resulting in a record that sounds classic yet fresh at the same time. The debut 10-track album intricately explores expansive themes like self-confidence, true love, owning one’s power, and joy.

Teaming up with producer/guitarist Mat Gilbert to create the cosmic adventure that is Groovy Moovy, the album’s instrumentation and lyrics intertwine to represent a beautifully captivating reflection of Terri’s and Mat’s creative styles.

Opening with a slow jam, “Good Vibes” sets the tone for the record with a classic rhythmic feel, followed by the more upbeat hit single “Lie” that showcases Terri’s soulful vocals. The groovy jams continue with standout tracks such as a classic retake on “Let’s Stay Together,” the eclectic “Believe in Yourself,” the powerful “We Got the Power,” and the title track itself, “Groovy Moovy.” Drawing comparisons to Beyoncé for her extensive harmony arrangements, individualism, and creativity and the likes of Diana Ross for her classic soul and funk sound, Terri J. steps into the limelight as an artist who can craft her music with the finesse of the greats, while maintaining her own originality of sound.


Producer Mat Gilbert describes Terri’s sound as “larger than life,” saying,

“I saw Terri composing a lot of this stuff a capella, building chords by ear with only vocals. I think that approach is a big part of her unique style. She has a great ear that allows her to take harmony to unusual places based on what sounds good.”

This debut album solidifies Terri J.’s presence in the industry as an international recording artist, who after 14 years, has continued to spread her musical footprint across the West Coast of the US via the San Francisco Bay Area, where she can often be found doing live performances of her original music at well-known venues such as Brick & Mortar Music Hall and Cornerstone Berkeley.

Overall, Groovy Moovy is the perfect introduction to Terri’s multi-faceted outlook on songwriting, which guarantees her discography will have something for every listener.

Groovy Moovy Track Listing:


1. Good Vibes
2. Lie
3. Let’s Stay Together
4. Feelings Releasing
5. Do Life With Me
6. Believe in Yourself
7. We Got The Power
8. I Want To Love You Forever
9. You Played Me
10. Groovy Moovy

Run Time: 40:02
Release Date: October 6, 2023
Record Label: Rockstone Records

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