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Now Hear This! #014 – Cobra Spell, Filth Is Eternal, Three Eyes of the Void, REAGAN



Now Hear This! #014 - Cobra Spell, Filth Is Eternal, Three Eyes of the Void, REAGAN

Now Hear This! In this week’s edition of musical archaeology, we continue to excavate the oversaturated landscape of music and provide you with undiscovered gems. To that end, we offer the following: Cobra Spell, Filth Is Eternal, Three Eyes of the Void, and REAGAN.

We’ll bring you a new post each week, songs from which will regularly be added to our accompanying “Now Hear This” Spotify playlist.

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Cobra Spell – “S.E.X.”

Sleaze rock/heavy rock outfit Cobra Spell unleashes their new single/music video, “S.E.X.,” a track pilfered from their upcoming new album, 666, slated to drop on December 1.

Formed in 2019, Cobra Spell is made up of Sonia Anubis (guitar), Kristina Vega (vocals), Roxy Herrera (bass), Noelle dos Anjos (rhythm guitar), and Hale Naphtha (drums).

Talking about S.E.X, the band says:

“We are excited to share with you the sleaziest track of our upcoming album ‘666.’ This one speaks about a deep desire for sexual pleasure that manifests in different ways and forms, to fill an inner emotional void.”

Vega’s fierce vocals and Anubis’ searing guitar – she can shred with the best – ignite “S.E.X.” with incandescent ’80s rock energy.

Filth Is Eternal – “Cherish”

Leading up to their new album, Find Out, which releases on September 29, Seattle’s Filth Is Eternal drops their new single, “Cherish,” a song about believing in yourself and your creativity.

Frontperson Lis Di Angelo shares:

“I wanted to mash two of my favorite things together, Black Box Theater and Lynchian Style, and marry that with something I overheard a stranger say that has occupied space in the back of my mind for years: ‘This is all a dream, and you will spend the entirety of your existence at the center of a push-pull event, somewhere between owning this dream and this dream owning you.’”

Blending elements of grunge, shoegaze, death metal, and punk, “Cherish” rides visceral percussion and crusty guitars, resulting in music immersed in a sense of imminent truculence and bellicosity.

Three Eyes of the Void – “The Atheist”

Ukrainian/Polish black metal band Three Eyes of the Void recently released “The Atheist,” the title track from their forthcoming debut album, which explores themes of the “Death of God and Mortality.”

Initially the solo project of Dmytro Kvashin, after releasing his debut EP, The Moment of Storm, Kvashin started work on a long player but abandoned work on the album. For all intents and purposes, Three Eyes of the Void vanished.

Then, in 2021, while visiting Poland, Kvashin ran across Arkadiusz Niziołek and Marcin Urban – former drummer and guitarist of Sacrilegium. Shortly thereafter, bassist Jakub Milszewski joined the band, which began work on an album.

Three Eyes of the Void’s sound encompasses atmospheric black metal, progressive metal, and post-metal, exposing the hopelessness and despair of human existence, dark, melancholic, and bitter.


New York’s queer alt-pop innovator RAEGAN releases her latest single, “MEAN,” a track rooted in empowerment and reclaiming her emotions.

Speaking about the song, RAEGAN says:

“From feuding hearts to sultry nights, ‘MEAN’ weaves a tale of empowerment and desire, reminding us that beneath the surface of conflict lies a passion waiting to be ignited.”

She goes on, “At the time, I was dating someone whose ex didn’t like me, and they constantly spoke behind my back. So to make myself feel better, I created a new perspective about how the ex didn’t hate me; she just secretly wanted to be with me. And from then on, I didn’t really care about either of them anymore.”

Cossetted in eerie, seductive harmonics, RAEGAN’s vocals give the lyrics a haunting, spinetingling essence.

“If it’s detrimental to my health, bring it / If I cannot do it by myself, bring it / I can’t learn lessons without a belt, bring it / Bring it and bring it and bring it on me.”