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Burn the Jukebox Unveil a Powerful Ode to Mental Health with “Not Me Being Crazy”

Burn the Jukebox unveil their latest track, “Not Me Being Crazy,” a raw and emotionally charged anthem that delves deep into the intricate web of intrusive thoughts.



Burn the Jukebox

In a music industry awash with catchy tunes and superficial lyrics, it’s refreshing to see a band like Burn the Jukebox use their platform to shed light on profound mental health issues. Their latest track, “Not Me Being Crazy,” is a raw and emotionally charged anthem that delves deep into the intricate web of intrusive thoughts, particularly affecting those grappling with conditions like OCD. The song takes on an even deeper resonance as it marks the band’s first public acknowledgment of their bass player and lead vocalist Virginia’s personal journey with OCD.

At its core, “Not Me Being Crazy” is a thought-provoking revelation, laying bare the relentless cycle of negative self-talk that can fester in toxic relationships marked by gaslighting. What sets this track apart is its juxtaposition of a heavy subject matter against an upbeat tempo, a catchy hook, and a bolder, edgier musical direction for Burn the Jukebox. The band’s willingness to tackle such a weighty topic with this kind of musical energy is commendable.

But Burn the Jukebox’s commitment to addressing mental health doesn’t stop at the music. They’ve partnered with the Lamplighter Project in the UK, an initiative that employs music, art, and storytelling to address contemporary mental well-being challenges. By featuring prominently in this project and delivering music to schools across the UK, the band is further underscoring their dedication to fostering mental health awareness through their artistry.

In addition to their new release, Burn the Jukebox is embarking on a seven-date tour on David Michael Frank’s “Private Party Tour,” sponsored by none other than Pizza Hut. This unique tour has attracted the spotlight and gained recognition, notably from Billboard. The band’s exceptional talent and captivating stage presence honed through performances on National Broadway tours and Off-Broadway shows have even earned them a place on national television and international platforms like Alpha TV in Greece.


What sets Burn the Jukebox apart is their penchant for reimagining popular hits from the past five decades, with a new cover released every day this year. Their rendition of “99 Red Balloons” alone has soared to over 6.3 million views, showcasing their unique musical flair and versatility.

As Burn the Jukebox continues to make waves in the music industry, “Not Me Being Crazy” stands out as a significant milestone in their journey. With its fresh and captivating musical perspective, the song tackles important mental health issues head-on, amplifying the band’s voice in the fight for greater mental health awareness. Burn the Jukebox is not just a renowned teen outfit; they’re a force to be reckoned with in the world of music, using their talents to address issues that truly matter.

Burn the Jukebox “Not Me Being Crazy” single artwork

Burn the Jukebox “Not Me Being Crazy” single artwork