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Brian Melo Returns with New Single and Music Video “Middleman”

Brian Melo makes his return with the brand new single “Middleman,” released Friday with an accompanying music video.



Brian Melo, photo by Brent Perniac

After more than a decade since his last solo release, Brian Melo, the winner of Canadian Idol Season 5 in 2007 and a Gold-certified artist for his album Livin’ It, is making his return with his brand new single “Middleman,” released Friday with an accompanying music video.

Known for chart-topping hits like “All I Ever Wanted,” “Shine,” and “Summertime,” Brian Melo’s musical journey has taken him through remarkable highs and experiences across the music industry. Following his Canadian Idol victory, he crafted a successful career, touring Canada and showcasing his versatility as an artist.

In 2010, Melo released his sophomore album The Truth, along with the singles “Soundproof” and “Anywhere But Here.” Melo toured that album for a few years before making a bold move to Nashville in 2015, where he started a band project called Apollo’s Crown. The band toured extensively through the southern US for several years before Melo decided to move back to Canada to get married, concentrate on songwriting, and start a family. In June of this year, Brian and his wife, Samantha, welcomed their new baby boy, Gabriel Cruz Melo, to the world.

“Middleman” marks a significant turning point in Melo’s career as he delves back into his musical roots. The single is a fusion of roots rock and a touch of country, encapsulating the essence of Melo’s passion for storytelling through song. “Middleman” showcases his musical evolution and growth as a songwriter while retaining the signature sound that captivated audiences early in his career.


Brian Melo ‘Middleman’ album artwork

Brian Melo ‘Middleman’ album artwork

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