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Americana Award-Winner Helen Townsend Premieres New Video Asking Age-Old Question “Is This Love”

Americana artist Helen Townsend asks that age-old question “Is This Love” in her new single. Check out the video premiere here.



Helen Townsend

Award-winning Australian Americana artist Helen Townsend is venturing into UK territory for the first time with her brand new single “Is This Love”.

The single is taken from Helen’s upcoming second album, Take It or Leave It, which is due for release in 2024 and we’re premiering the video for the brilliant single here.

Talking about the single and the plans for a Music Video ‘mini-series’, Helen tells us:

“This is the first single from my 2nd album Take It or Leave It due for release early 2024. “Is This Love” is the upbeat Country Honky Tonk Blues tune all about the exhilarating feeling of new love. The feeling of every minute of the day being consumed with thoughts of another person and dreams of what lies ahead, whilst being deeply confused as to whether this attraction is “Love”, long lasting or otherwise.”

“The video clip makes for the first instalment of a Music Video Mini-series that will interweave between my own songs, and my partner Shannon Smith‘s songs from his forthcoming debut album. We each penned these songs from our own deeply personal perspective about all the things that make up a relationship from new love, breakdown, grief, introspection, reflection, and celebration of getting through it all. It’s been a ride, and now we get to relive it in song with the hope of encouraging others to look past the surface of the presented “perfect match” and allow conversation on the reality of love and relationships being tough, and maybe our expectations will stop screwing things up and we will all live happily ever after!”


“Is This Love” is available to order online today from and, if you like what you hear, make sure you keep up to date with all the news on the album by heading over to Helen’s Official Website.

Helen Townsend “Is This Love?” Single Artwork

Helen Townsend “Is This Love?” Single Artwork

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