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Devin Townsend Announces Expanded 25th Anniversary Edition of ‘infinity’

Devin Townsend celebrates the 25th anniversary of his ‘Infinity’ album with news of a remastered/extended edition. Get all the details here.



Devin Townsend by Tanya Ghosh

The legendary Devin Townsend celebrates the 25th anniversary of his landmark solo album Infinity in 2023, with a brand new edition of the record being released on November 24th, 2023.

This newly remastered version of the album comes as a Limited 2CD Digipak, Gatefold 180g 2LP + LP-booklet & as Digital album, and includes all the bonus tracks from this era, as well as newly shot artwork & liner notes from Devin.

Devin comments:

“As I move into a new phase of my work, (one that requires the next two years to be spent writing and recording), I reflect on the Infinity album and the period it all happened in many ways. This was my first attempt at engineering and mixing an album, and without it, I wouldn’t have gotten where I am now on a technical level. It was like going to college at the time, and although it is primitive in many ways, it also reminded me of the amount of passion it takes to reach a new level.”

Devin continues:


“The whole process during the making of this album was fraught with learning, turmoil, growth, and psychological development. In fact: I didn’t think at the time that I would even get through it, (let alone be here 25 years later writing and working with the hard-won experience that came as a direct result of making Infinity). I realize now how pivotal this period of expression was for me, and how it was a testament to tenacity in the long run. As such, I’m proud that we’ve decided to re-release the record with all the bonus tracks and personal artwork from that period in one place.”

On the iconic cover, Devin reveals:

“I was even asked to do an updated version of the naked cover album cover (!!!) so in the name of authenticity… I did that too. I believe this to be the quintessential version of the record. It was a statement then as it is now. And for those who were there during that period as well as those who are perhaps interested in how it all began, I present to you ‘Infinity’ in an updated fashion. I’m grateful for the opportunity to release it in this light and thank you all for the support all these years. Please wish me luck as I delve into this next phase, and being able to reflect on Infinity’ during the start of this process has proven to be very useful.”

Devin has remastered the original album, plus 7 bonus tracks including the songs from the Christeen EP (which appear here on vinyl for the first time). The audio has also been specifically mastered for the vinyl edition.

Infinity Track-Listing:

Bad Devil
Soul Driven Cadillac
Wild Colonial Boy
Life Is All Dynamics
Noisy Pink Bubbles


Om (Demo)
Sit In The Mountain (Demo)
Processional (Demo)
Love-Load (Demo)
Sister (Live Acoustic)
Hide Nowhere (Live Acoustic)
Man (1996 Demo)

Devin Townsend recently launched the 3rd release in his Devolution series – Empath Live In America. The Devolution series so far has comprised some unique live performances, and this one is no different. Empath Live In America is a document of the tour that was cut short in early 2020 due to the onset of the pandemic. Devolution #3 – Empath Live In America is available now in various formats which you can order from here.

Finally, Devin & his band will tour Australia in November 2023 with support from Caligula’s Horse. For the full list of upcoming dates visit Devin’s Official Website.

Devin Townsend ‘Infinity’ Album Artwork

Devin Townsend ‘Infinity’ Album Artwork

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