Melding real life anecdotes and personal insights whilst paying homage to the blues, rock lineage, Madrid-based singer-songwriter Gaby Jogeix is premiering the new single “Ain’t From Around”, lifted from the upcoming album Smile to the Clouds due this October.

Drawing from a myriad of influences from rhythm and blues, soul and rock, “Ain’t From Around” was written in collaboration with American musician Jeff Espinoza of The Gypsy Runners fame and produced by veteran Spanish producer Juan Guevara.

Check out the single here:

Speaking about the track, Gaby says: “Jeff Espinoza and I are always joking around with stories that happened to us. I told him the story about the time I was in a taxi in New Orleans when I was recording my previous album there. The next day he sent me this text that was talking about the way he saw me. At first I thought it was too pretentious to sing about myself in such a manner but then Juan Guevara sent me that riff.

It was like out of the blue, I could write the song with all the elements I had at hand. I had a riff and Jeff’s text so I crafted this rocking tune. At the end, Juan Guevara insisted on telling the original story about me in the cab in New Orleans, where I could not understand the cab driver’s accent and a lady told the driver, he doesn’t understand you, can’t you see he ain’t from around?”

Born in Bilbao (Basque Country), of French and Spanish origin, Gaby Jogeix is one of the most renowned Spanish Rhythm’n’Blues artists having started playing since the age of 17, influenced by the likes of Elmore James, Laverne Baker, B.B. King, Elvis, Ray Charles, Albert Collins, Derek Trucks and Doyle Bramhall II, among others. He also pioneered the lap steel guitar technique. Gaby explains: “The sounds that the slide transmits is the closest to the human voice you can find. This is what fascinated me and why I continued to work on its form.”

Gaby releases his fourth album, Smile to The Clouds in October. For more information on Gaby and his upcoming album, visit his Official Website.

Gaby Jobiex “Ain’t From Around” Single Artwork
Gaby Jobiex “Ain’t From Around” Single Artwork

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