It’s a funny thing how the low points in life seem to connect to the high points directly, and that’s what’s happened with Erin Gibney. Today, the singer-songwriter unveils her new single, “You Made Your Bed,” set to be released via Rock Ridge Music.

The song really highlights a new musical perspective for the still-growing artist. It’s arguably her most candid recording yet, a more realistic view of her own world. Her past songs were more playful and lighthearted. As a younger woman, she had a more romantic, idealistic view of life. Through growth and experience, that view has changed to one that is more mature and sensible. It’s a natural progression in life that most young people go through. Gibney is just documenting hers through song.

Elaborating on what inspired this new songwriting perspective, Gibney tells us:

“‘You Made Your Bed’ is a different song than anything I have ever released before. Mainly because it stems from a relationship that was unlike anything I have experienced. This song was relieving to write, because I feel like I was able to let go of a lot of negative feelings. It helped me to move on from a difficult situation.

“Having a toxic relationship in your life can feel all-consuming, and it can rob you of a lot of peace. I felt those feelings a few years back and knew this song was one I needed to get out of my system. I am both nervous and excited to put it into the world because it is sure to stand on its own island within my current catalogue. It is my hope that this song gives people the courage and empowerment to walk away from the toxic relationships in their own life.”

“You Made Your Bed” is more of a storyteller’s kind of song, introspective and thoughtful. It reflects Gibney’s general point of view on herself as a songwriter. She endeavours to take listeners on a journey through music, where they learn more about her and maybe more about themselves in the process. Since she began songwriting, Gibney’s primary goal has been for the listener to feel what she feels. Like a journey through the emotional trials and tribulations of everyday life.

Heartache was an overarching of the more recent songs Gibney has been working on. It stems from the hurt and anger over a long-term relationship coming to an end. This has been one of the hardest moments for her as an adult but also one of the most rewarding. It has helped make her a better artist and helped her grow as a person. Gibney has been successful in finding the good within the bad, and now she gets to reap the reward, along with her fanbase.

Erin Gibney “You Made Your Bed” single artwork
Erin Gibney “You Made Your Bed” single artwork