Hardcore four-piece Detachment release their newest single Choke(d) from their debut album Lack set to release on October 13, 2023.

The fury-enrobed track is a clear standout as one of the most visceral pieces on the album, showcasing Detachment’s true metal and hardcore influences, with a change of pace in the bridge that explores clean vocals and harmonious melodies.

As a reiteration of the opening track of their 2020 EP, it’s a clear indication of the band’s vengeance for growth as they approach their debut LP release, as they explained to V13:

“Choke(d) is an updated version of the opening track Choke from our 2020 EP, Gaslight. This is the perfect representation of the album as a whole with its blend of visceral hardcore and euphony in the second half. This revitalized version of this track showcases our evolution as musicians and songwriters since that time while still keeping true to the same band we’ve always been.