When you’re up against 60 years of rock history, it’s hard to etch out your own little slice of originality, but Super City is doing just that!

Have a look at their new music video for “Getouttahere,” and take a listen to its vintage qualities. The Baltimore band shows off an uncanny ability to take inspiration from different eras of Rock. They are able to connect them together and create a nice little rocking sound that sounds, at the same time, like nothing and everything else all at once.

Commenting on the song, the band offers:

“We are really excited to share the new video and single with you! The lyrics are influenced by The Boss and his song ‘State Trooper.’ The music builds into a frenzy, culminating in a solo that was recorded right after Eddie Van Halen died. You have to step it up when something like that happens. The video is as unpredictable and bombastic as the song. You just have to watch it because we want you to experience it with no preconceived notions.”

“Getouttahere” has the ageless, essential, and foundational elements of Chuck Berry’s revolutionization of rock n’ roll. However, it also has some of the spastic, New Wave characteristics of a trend-setting artist such as Devo. The first single from their brand new album In the Midnight Room, due on October 20th via SofaBurn Records, the song discusses the desperation lurking around at the endpoint of a relationship.

Spearheaded by co-lead singers and guitarists Dan Ryan and Greg Wellham, the quintet’s roots extend back to high school. It was at this time that the lead duo began to hash out original songs inspired by their favourite pop-rock artists. They released their self-titled EP in 2014 and debut full-length, Again Weekend, in 2015. They began to increasingly develop a following with their 2018 offering, Sanctuary.

The band’s sound is varied and eclectic, at times guitar-driven, but also reliant at times on synths, and very much melodic. Ryan and Wellham make sure to even things out musically. They neither lean too heavily on the rock or the pop side, creating a fun, danceable sound engineered for radio. You can leave any semblance of dullness at the door with Super City because it’s time to get hyped like it’s the old days again.

Super City “Get Outta Here” single artwork
Super City “Getouttahere” single artwork