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Kēvens Discusses His Role as “Keeper of Dub” and a Pioneer of Reggae-EDM Fusion



Kēvens at GON, photo by Nancy Smith-Jones

In an increasingly divisive world, where age, nationality, race and religion are creating an ever-widening gap between people, Kēvens is on a quintessential mission: utilize the power of his music to bring souls from all four corners of this world to dance together. Fusing reggae and EDM, the self-proclaimed “Keeper of Dub” brings a unique sound that is both fresh and familiar alongside lyrics that speak to the heart of the human experience.

This artistry is on full display in his newest releases, “Sweet Lady Liberty (Radio Mix)” and “Legal Dreamers” – both of which come with a message. “Sweet Lady Liberty” focuses on the love we all feel for the “Idea” of a country designed around the oft-repeated concepts of liberty and equality. In a climate where many Americans suffer the effects of straying from those concepts, “Sweet Lady Liberty” reminds listeners that we all play a part in upholding those notions and dreams. “Legal Dreamers” goes hand-in-hand with this message as a mantra for a world built on love and inclusion. “‘Legal Dreamers’ is the soundtrack cultivating safe spaces where we can feel free to love openly again,” says Kēvens.

Recognized as a live drum and bass pioneer, Kēvens was the first to bring this unique blend of musical elements to the early rave scene back in the late ’90s and has performed live with his band at iconic EDM festivals such as The Florida Zen Music Festival, Cyberfest, and Ultra Music Festival. Committed to preserving the legacy of Reggae music while also pushing the boundaries of what is possible within the rapidly expanding genre of electronic music, Kēvens is curating a truly innovative sound.

We had the pleasure of sitting down with Kēvens to dive deeper into his artistry, his creative process and learn more about his musical history.

How would you describe your own music?

Kēvens: “My music is a mixture of reggae rock, dub and EDM. A spiritual fusion designed to uplift the human condition.”

What is the story behind your band/stage name?

“Kēvens is my name, given to me by my mother. As for the band, I have a selected set of musicians I get the great pleasure of working with from all over.”

How would you describe your creative process?

“I am moved by the trials and tribulations of life, encouraging people not to give up. When you’re at your lowest, that’s the time you need to seek the light from deep within and overcome.”

Kēvens in Miami, photo by Amber Zimmerman

Kēvens in Miami, photo by Amber Zimmerman

Who are your biggest influences?

Bob Marley, Burning Spear, Yellow Man, Sade, Dylan, Bono, just to name a few.”

If you could change anything about the music industry, what would it be?

“Those on top who have the power to influence musical trends, I would replace them with those who want to use music as a positive outlet for change. Celebrating artists with a message of peace and unity.”

What’s the best show you’ve ever played?

“White Nights music festival of Saint Petersburg in Russia takes the cake.”

Which do you enjoy the most: writing, recording, practicing, or playing live?

“Playing live is what I have the most experience in, but for the past few years, I have been enjoying the recording studio immensely.”

Do you ever get stage fright? What’s your solution for it?

“Stage fright, no, nervous and anxious? Yes. There are times things would go wrong; best to stick with the original plan and keep strong.”

Do you have any rituals before you hit the stage? If so, what are they?

“Before I go on stage, I like a quiet place for me to just be, no thoughts. I usually like to do a warmup exercise and right before going on, rally the crew and pray for spiritual guidance.”

What is the music scene like where you’re based?

“I am in Miami; there is everything here. It’s a party town but not like it used to be, just like everything else in life. I don’t go out much anymore, but I keep up to date with things.”

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