Many musical acts are passionate about what they do, but some, like Greed Culture, you can actually hear that passion loud and clear. The band’s zeal is on full display with their new single “Break Through Sight,” a full-on audio assault.

The track comes from their new album, The Death of Us, set for release on September 8th. The band formed last summer to make music at “full throttle.” That is, undoubtedly, the most obvious element of “Break Through Sight.” This is hardcore for the hardest of hardcore, a take-no-prisoners approach to the genre.

With a few words on “Break Through Sight,” frontman and lead singer Dave Rodriguez says:

“This song is about seeing beyond what’s in sight. To take the time to see truth beyond images. Close your eyes and break through sight to seize the day and do better.”

If that name Dave Rodriguez rings a bell, it’s because he’s a longtime veteran of the hardcore scene. Rodriguez was previously in Scars of Tomorrow and came up in other local LA hardcore groups in the late 1990s. Joining Rodriguez is Martin Diaz, a highly acclaimed hardcore guitarist. He originally played in Mikoto and was the second guitarist in Beyond Repair. So the band is “new,” having formed just over a year ago, but in this case, new certainly does not equal inexperienced.

Along with making music at full-throttle, the band intends their songs to be an outlet. A way to blow off some steam in a fun, engaging way. The Greed Culture name, so perfect for a hardcore act, was motivated by all the greed with which we live. The band subscribes to the idea that most of the world’s problems stem from greed. We have the means not to be controlled by greed, but all it does is stifle progress. Accordingly, The Greed Culture invites you to join the movement and take out your aggression correctly. Let’s rock the fuck out and do it proactively and positively.

GREED CULTURE ‘The Death of Us’ [EP] album artwork
GREED CULTURE ‘The Death of Us’ [EP] album artwork