Shimmy-Disc finally unveils their brand new posthumous Archival Reissue of Bruce Haack’s 1974 record, Captain Entropy. Alongside the record’s release today, Shimmy-Disc additionally shares a video for the focus track, “Army Ants In Your Pants,” created by Ryan Hover.

The ominous twinkles of the standout track “Army Ants In Your Pants” are for enlightened parents & children alike – the song acting as a freewheeling tour of the warring world of social insects: army ants, their queens, and pupas. Their unique cycle of life is described in story-song by the vivid scientific imagination of Haack – our captain on this earth-ship.

The grunts of worker ants and Haack’s gently twanged voice spiral atop blinking synthesizers and banjo’s, leading us to the final step of his curriculum, a keen warning, “If you see an army of ants in a bunch, move outta town, you may be lunch!”

Haack in his own words upon its release in 1974:

“A chance to belly-dance-while you learn some pretty heavy things about the social structure and group communications of certain insects. Very funny!”

Captain Entropy, described as “a participation journey for elementary and high-school people — through the soul of spaceship earth — from principles of thermodynamics to folks like the American eagle,” was created and totally performed by Bruce Haack. It’s an electro-surrealist musical journey from the mind of “The Captain,” capturing his inventive genius musically in tandem with tapping into the voice of his inner child. It displays innovative story-songs inspired by Haack’s diverse musical interests and a love of science and explorations of the natural world, songs to excite the imaginations of listeners, both young and old.

The full-length Captain Entropy LP was remastered by Kramer for this Archival Reissue. The free digital download that comes alongside the purchase of the vinyl also contains an exclusive additional 20 minutes of previously unreleased bonus material. The LP was originally released in 1974 on Dimension 5, the artist’s own label. This new reissue will be on limited edition hand-numbered Black Vinyl (limited to 555 copies), and on Clear Vinyl LP for Retail.

Captain Entropy tracklisting:

01. Captain Entropy
02. Army Ants in Your Pants
03. Music
04. Mallangong

01. The Universal Unicycle Show (pedal it)
02. Walking Eagle
03. The American Eagle
04. Metric Conversion
05. Catfish

Bruce Haack ‘Captain Entropy’ album artwork
Bruce Haack ‘Captain Entropy’ album artwork

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