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Yungblud Delivers the Goods to a Packed House at Toronto’s History [Photos]

Yungblud just hit Toronto’s History, with support from The Regrettes and Sophie Powers, and the the house was PACKED!



Yungblud on July 4, 2023, photo by Mike Bax

This Toronto show was postponed/moved enough times over the past few years that there was a palpable concern amongst fans it might not happen in the days leading up to the show. Security at the venue said kids started lining up for Yungblud at 3 am – enduring a sweltering hot day in front of the venue that went down on record as one of the hottest days Toronto has ever seen. Most of the fans jammed up against the security barrier were young women (some with their mothers right beside them).

I can only speak to the first three songs from each band here: it was all I could access. CASPR got replaced at the 11th hour with Sophie Powers, a charming Toronto-area pixie with a lovely voice. I’m not familiar with CASPR, but Powers made up for his absence, delivering an energetic set of originals and covers. The Regrettes’ Lydia Night’s last Toronto stop saw the vocalist/guitarist at the hospital, where her appendix was removed by emergency surgery. She went into Tonight’s performance with some additional energy, possibly looking for a do-over on her last visit to the city. I’d never seen The Regrettes before, and I dug them the most this evening – their mix of pop, punk, and rock went over well. “Monday” and “Nowhere” were both killer live songs. Night was at the security barrier, singing right into the crowd by the third song. It felt like The Regrettes connected with the crowd, which is often a tricky thing to do for an opening act.

I went to this Yungblud show knowing hardly anything about him except for his swelling popularity. I love seeing music live by acts I know little about – it’s the most authentic way to gauge an act’s talent. The energy from the crowd felt thick; it was so present in the room for this show that it was worth being there for that alone. When Dominic (Yungblud = Dominic Richard Harrison) took the stage, I was struck by how much he looked like a young Gary Numan. His energy on stage was incredible to behold. Stopping only to toss the occasional solo cup full of beer into the crowd, he ran the width of the stage a couple of dozen times before photographers were escorted out of the photo pit. He sneered, smiled, posed, and screamed as he worked the stage. By the end of “Tissues,” he was covered in sweat. He tossed the guitar he was playing to a stage hand stage right before returning to the crowd to perform “Parents” as we were escorted out of the venue.

Such great energy! I hope everyone leaving this Yungblud show felt as energized by what they’d just witnessed as I did. Hopefully, it doesn’t take another five years for another Toronto performance. Get more info on Yungblud at his official website.

Yungblud Setlist Toronto:

The Funeral
Doctor Doctor
strawberry lipstick
Kill Somebody
Sweet Heroine
Sex Not Violence
I Think I’m OKAY (Machine Gun Kelly cover)