Violet Silhouette release their latest emotive dance-punk single Hierda Demoniaca. The track, taken from their upcoming EP FEVERBLUE, features trace-inducing melodies, chilling vocals, and a romantic outlook on the dark side of depression and failed relationships.

It’s a master class defining modern post-wave storytelling as they combine influences from Drab Majesty, Cold Cave, Boy Harsher, and Depeche Mode to create a melodic amalgamation of new and classic.

The band shares more about the inspirations behind the track.

“Reflecting the personal changes of the songwriters as they pull themselves through the purifying fires of depression, failed relationships, and injured optimism. Yet we refuse to stay down, as this track speaks to those who would dismiss all caution with a wellspring of hope and go through it all again for real love. A song that can speak equally of an earthly romance as well as an experience of spiritual communion.”

Violet Silhouette “Hierda Demoniaca” Single Art