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Matthew Lowry Releases Alt-Rock Video for ‘All My Friends Are Selling Out’



Matthew Lowry

Today Matthew Lowry releases the tongue-in-cheek music video for All My Friends Are Selling Out. The track is a standout composition from the group’s forthcoming full-length album Flamingo County, set to release on September 15, 2023.

The project embraces its rock n roll roots with an alternative spin inspired by the Florida scene. The lyrics encompass the album’s overarching themes of evolution and the constant ebbs and flows of life in our mid-30s as lead vocalist, Matthew Lowry, playfully sings about his friends transitioning from free-spirited musicians to traditional adults with families and careers.

When asked about the music video, which was shot and directed by Aaron Marsh from Copeland, here’s what Matthew Lowry had to say:

“I wrote this when literally all but one of my closest friends pretty much stopped playing music and moved along to regular life. Careers, families, stagnation in the music industry led to it.  I wrote this fun little song in 20 minutes or so. When I was putting songs together for this album, I got all of them to be a part of it.”

Matthew Lowry’s “All My Friends Are Selling Out” Single Artwork