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Lone Kodiak Returns with “The Corner Booth” ft. Hunter Leigh Allen of Chase Petra

Dynamic, and passionate, the East LA rock quartet Lone Kodiak returns with their latest sonic offering single “The Corner Booth.”



Lone Kodiak, photo by Sarah Lee

Dynamic, passionate, and renowned for their electrifying live performances, the East LA rock quartet, Lone Kodiak, returns with their latest sonic offering. The band drops their highly anticipated single, “The Corner Booth,” a track that showcases their signature blend of immense punch and enchanting tonal tapestries.

Lone Kodiak’s unique style can be summed up in two words: “grand intimacy.” Though there’s a case to be made for labelling them “grunge renaissance,” the fact is, the boys couldn’t care less, focused instead on perfecting their captivating combination of raw energy and enveloping melodies. Drawing inspiration from iconic bands like The Cure, Hum, The Smashing Pumpkins, and Deftones, the band embarked on a creative journey during the pandemic, moulding a distinct sonic identity that has marked them out as the next new act to watch.

Founded by Portland natives Dainéal Parker (vocals, guitars) and Daniel Alden (bass), the group found revelation with the inclusion of skinsman Josh Harris (drums). Along with the newest addition to the lineup, Ben Palmer (guitar), the quartet’s top priority is to craft quality music and make as many live appearances as possible.

Produced by the talented Kyle Mangels and recorded at LA’s acclaimed Big Bad Sound studio, “The Corner Booth,” featuring the heart-wrenching vocals of Hunter Leigh Allen of Chase Petra fame, promises to be a breakthrough moment for Lone Kodiak.


“The Corner Booth” offers a tantalizing glimpse into the emerging world of Lone Kodiak, one where infectious melodies and evocative lyricism are entwined, creating a captivating and visceral listening experience. Prepare to be swept away by the groove, grit, and grace of “The Corner Booth” from July 7th, 2023 on.

Lone Kodiak “The Corner Booth” single artwork

Lone Kodiak “The Corner Booth” single artwork

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