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Telesonic 9000 Traces the Computer Revolution to Digital Age Malaise with New EP ‘E.C.H.O.’

Telesonic 9000 just released the art-rock EP ‘E.C.H.O.,’ which will be paired with a short film later this spring.



Telesonic 9000, photo by Christian Tan

Drummer and producer Dominick Gray makes retro-futuristic post-punk music as Telesonic 9000. While he’s currently bouncing between Ann Arbor, Michigan and Toledo, Ohio, he formed the project while living in Berlin. He initially started Telesonic 9000 as a live multimedia show that combined his music and film interests before expanding into digital music and video releases.

Telesonic 9000 just released the art-rock EP E.C.H.O., which will be paired with a short film later this spring. Both are inspired by 2001: A Space Odyssey, Kraftwerk, Massive Attack, and postwar atomic visual imagery, with the short film assembled from 99 archive films remixed into 11 minutes. Both also blend his experiences in Berlin with an American sensibility, informed by his art school upbringing in Ohio.

Both the new EP and the upcoming short film explore the discord between the excitement of the early computer revolution and the fallout of the modern era.

Gray states:

“We’re living at a time that was once envisioned to be a utopia, which instead has mutated into a digital world haunted by a loss of optimism.”

Gray has previously toured in Japan and Europe, and he has recorded drums for the Brian Jonestown Massacre. The keys on E.C.H.O. were recorded by Mike Novak from the Chicago Electric Piano Company at Neal Francis’ old parish quarters attached to a church in west Chicago.

Given E.C.H.O.’s themes of digital technology’s pitfalls and its retro, mid-century vibe, it’s appropriate that the EP is being physically released. The EP will be accompanied by the short film project later this spring.

His digital release can be found here.

Telesonic 9000 ‘E.C.H.O.’ EP album artwork

Telesonic 9000 ‘E.C.H.O.’ EP album artwork