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Haley Midgette Premieres New Singles “Artisan Guardian” and “Weatherman”

Taken from her upcoming f-track EP, Artisan Guardian,’ today, we premiere Haley Midgette’s singles, “Artisan Guardian” and “Weatherman.”



Haley Midgette

No matter the genre, music is always served up best when it’s reflective, and that’s the wavelength that Haley Midgette is working on with her brand new EP Artisan Guardian. Officially due for release tomorrow, March 3rd, this is your exclusive first listen to the latest singles, “Artisan Guardian” and “Weatherman.”

A four-track EP, the record is a nice little collection of tracks that, in some ways, document Midgette’s journey to where she is now. Helping her flesh things out was again the talented Peruvian-Canadian producer and engineer Guillermo Saubaste, known for his work with The Sadies, Sarah Harmer, The Tea Party, and so many more.

Offering some perspective on what you’ll find on this EP, Midgette says:

“The EP starts with ‘Artisan Guardian,’ a song about a part of myself that I’ve historically struggled to love, and often resented. A white-knuckled, fear-driven, perfectionistic woman. It ends with ‘Tonight’s Song,’ which is about a part of myself I’ve always found easy to love, but haven’t always had the easiest time leaning in or surrendering to.

“This creative force whose existence used to, at times, feel inconvenient. I think I’ve learned to accept the former and lean into the latter as I’ve grown. I’ve also come to appreciate how intimately connected they are. How inseparable.”

Highly melodic and engaging, perhaps the most likable element of the EP is its simple yet poetic lyrics. The young Toronto singer-songwriter really bares all through these four songs, combining vulnerability, compassion, and authenticity with a lot of poise and honesty. Through these songs, you experience an artist who is open and curious but also guarded, with a certain level of uncertainty, all very relatable feelings for a young person in today’s tumultuous times.

From Leonard Cohen to Katy Kirby, Midgette really tried to engage with the poetic singer-songwriter spirit in crafting these songs. The subject matter is all very universal, and it reminds us that compassion and awkwardness are what make us unique and desirable in the first place.

Artisan Guardian EP Track Listing:

1. Artisan Guardian
2. Weatherman
3. Better
4. Tonight’s Song

Artwork for the EP ‘Artisan Guardian’ by Haley Midgette

Artwork for the EP ‘Artisan Guardian’ by Haley Midgette

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