Positive vibes and positive energy, they’re two things that you can never get enough of. If you reach out to music for this type of emotion and gratification, then National Park Radio are a band you want to get to know.

Today, the band debuts their brand new single “When The Morning Comes,” the first song from a new album to come that will be titled Canyons. It’s an indie folk duet between the husband and wife dynamic duo of Stefan and Kerrie Szabo. The song has a classical folk feel to it, with a type of modern, Mumford & Sons-like indie pop sound.

It’s been a decade of hard work for these two, with more and more fans becoming devotees to their soulful, adventurous folk spirit. The new songs will build off of the 2020 five-song EP The Road Ahead, which really acted as a more national introduction to the Arkansas pair’s brand of enthusiastic folk vitality.

Commenting on the song, the Szabos tells us:

“‘When The Morning Comes’ explores the complicated journey through a long-lasting relationship, and is the latest single from our upcoming album named Canyons.”

Stefan and Kerrie first formed in Northern Arkansas a decade ago, and it’s where they still call home. Living amongst the Ozark Mountains, one of the most wondrous regions of the United States, provides a lot of inspiration for them as songwriters, which help speak to why they are able to concoct such beautiful harmonies. Thematically, their songs resonate with listeners thanks to their relatable themes about life, love, and making difficult decisions.

Where they differ from their modern indie folk brethren is that their sound tends to incorporate more Americana influences into it, along with a more traditional, mountain folk feeling. Stay tuned for more, as National Park Radio will have Canyons ready for you to delight in soon.

Artwork for the single “When The Morning Comes” by National Park Radio
Artwork for the single “When The Morning Comes” by National Park Radio