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“Leafar and The Magical Treasure Chest” by Kat Von D [Book Review]

Kat Von D’s “Leafar and the Magical Treasure Chest” is a wonderful book that combines adventure, magic, and heartwarming themes of family and friendship.



Artwork for the book “Leafar and the Magical Treasure Chest” by Kat Von D

As any parent of a baby, toddler, or young child knows, this winter was dismal. Schools, daycares, and nurseries became ground zero of an invisible war for parents as they struggled to juggle daily work and childcare obligations. If that sounds overly dramatic, I’m willing to bet you don’t have kids in your home. That said, there was one bright spot for our household during this time: about a month ago, I received a copy of Kat Von D’s children’s book, Leafar and The Magical Treasure Chest. I wasn’t sure what to expect, so when I started reading to my young one (and my wife) again and again, I was glad to find myself falling in love with this book.

Leafar and the Magical Treasure Chest (Amazon link here) is a captivating children’s book that tells the story of a young boy named Leafar and his quest to find out which animal from the magical treasure chest is his mother’s favourite. Along the way, Leafar dons endearing disguises of different animals, and readers are treated to interesting facts about each. By the time we reach the heartwarming conclusion (which every parent likely suspects from the start), readers get to enjoy learning about animals and seeing awesome little Leafar become them on each page.

Kat Von D, photo by Olivia Jaffe

Kat Von D, photo by Olivia Jaffe

Throughout the story, Leafar’s mother provides him guidance, support, and encouragement as he sets out on his adventure. Their bond is solid and loving, and it is clear that they share a deep connection that will endure even after the adventure has ended.

In addition to the heartwarming portrayal of the mother-son relationship, Leafar and the Magical Treasure Chest is filled with stunning illustrations that bring the story to life. Each page is a work of art, filled with intricate details and vibrant colours that will capture young readers’ imaginations.

The alternative aesthetic on offer sets this book apart from others in its genre. As a famed tattoo artist and model (as well as a dozen or so other career paths she’s successfully navigated with ease), Von D (with whom we spoke here) is a luminary among the inked-skin crowd, so it makes sense her appeal is less bubblegum and more spider web. But that’s a relief for parents who have ink themselves (myself being one of them): Von D’s representation in the book alongside her little one is refreshing and doesn’t feel forced. In fact, it feels sincere and reads as a helpful representation for those of us with plenty of tattoos in addition to the love in our hearts for our kids.

Overall, Leafar and the Magical Treasure Chest is a wonderful book that combines adventure, magic, and heartwarming themes of family and friendship. It is a must-read for any child who loves a good story and appreciates the importance of strong relationships with loved ones.

Author: Kat Von D
Publisher: Printopya
Release Date: September 13, 2022
Format/Length: Hardcover, 38 pages
ISBN-13: 979-8985218930

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