For most of us, getting motivated to go to the gym is one of the hardest things to do. Late nights, long days, or just pure laziness are just a few of the excuses for not hitting the gym. However, for Connecticut-born and bred artist Jake Huffman, nothing could be further from the case.

Following the release of his brilliant single, “Martyr,” earlier this month, we spoke to fitness fanatic Jake to find out his motivation to stay fit, how he discovered his passion for working out and how he stays fit when out on the road. Firstly though, before we start pumping metal with the man himself, check out his brilliant new single, “Martyr.”

First things first: what’s your weekly routine, or an average workout for you?

Jake Huffman: “I try to keep my exercise routine as consistent as possible but my ever-changing musical schedule keeps me jumping around. On a perfect week, I’d hit the gym 3 or 4 days for some push and pull style workouts. I use free weights and pepper in some body mobility exercises. I mountain bike at the very least 3 times a week (more if I can) on some gnarly/techy single-track trails around Connecticut. My rides are usually 1-4 hours depending on the trail system and what’s going on in the world of Jake that day. Counting my rehearsals, studio time and teaching schedule I’m also playing hours of drums and singing consistently everyday.”

What did you learn about yourself when you started taking working out more seriously?

“I more or less confirmed what I already know about myself – I’m obsessive. I feel an unnatural amount of guilt and disappointment if I don’t ride my bike or hit the gym. On the flip side, there is no better feeling than going to bed knowing I’ve used every part of my body and mind. And by far the best part of working so hard each day is the reward of eating literally anything you want.”

What do you think is the biggest thing holding others back from achieving their best results?

“As Thom York says “You do it to yourself, you do, and that’s what really hurts”. It’s no secret that the only person truly capable of holding yourself back is you. I could go down a rabbit hole of how social media is sterilizing our motivation with unhealthy comparisons and ripping apart our imagination BUT everybody knows that. If someone wants to find true motivation they need look no further than their own reflection. Unplug, go outside and feel life again.”

What’s your proudest achievement when it comes to fitness, health, and exercise?

“Fitness is a lifelong journey. I’m proud of myself after every ride and every workout. What’s so amazing about exercise is that every time you do it you change a little. I physically see my body getting stronger. I feel my mind toughen. Like music, I’m not looking for an end result. I want to keep learning and growing to become a better version of myself.”

What do you think every kid should experience growing up when it comes to fitness and health?

“Overcoming difficulties and striving to reach near-impossible goals is a foundation of human existence. Exercising will hone those skills and push our own boundaries. Drums, the gym and mountain biking have taught me how to be uncomfortable. They help me understand that persistence through frustration leads to incredible outcomes. Kids need to challenge themselves. They need to fall down, pick themselves up and try again. Not to mention they’ll have to unplug to experience this facet of life.”

Artwork for “Martyr” by Jake Huffman

Why and when did you get into fitness in the first place?

“I avoided actively exercising for the majority of my life. Playing drums, loading in and out of music venues actually kept me in relatively good shape during my early 20s. But when McLovins stopped playing together I used exercise as a way to process and reset my mind and body. One thing led to another and it just became part of who I am. I would love to give a huge shoutout to trainer Don Saladino who I met through a video shoot in the McLovins days. I use his workouts on the Playbook app and he is the reason I know what to do at the gym.”

Do you balance the “rockstar” lifestyle with being fit/healthy? Or is it 1 or the other for you?

“Looking at living legends like Mick Jagger and Sting I think it’s clear that real rock stars are currently fit and healthy! I think there is a time and a place for celebration, I certainly was no prude in my McLovins touring days, but I feel it’s more important to keep myself at a distance from having too much cake (so to speak).”

Being a touring musician, how do you stay fit on the road?

“For starters make sure the hotel has a gym! And make sure you grab the heaviest gear when loading in. I’m hoping to find a way to bring my MTB on longer tour runs but I’m still figuring out the best way to do that. Don also has some great bodyweight and mobility exercises that are made for folks who travel.”

Morning, noon, evening, night… When do you like to exercise? Does it even matter?

“I’m a morning person! I try to do a heavy workout or ride to start each day. I like to get the hardest part of my day over with, that way it’s all downhill from there.”

Do you ever listen to your own “band” music when working out?

“I actually try to use my time riding and at the gym to embrace the silence. So many hours of my day are filled with sound and music I need some time away. Just like my body has to rest after a long workout I try to let my ears take a break too.”


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