Retro-pop singer-songwriter Micah Edwards completes his collection of “Texas soul” singles with his debut album, Jean Leon, out June 10th. With tracks from the album already having surpassed a million streams on Spotify, fans have clearly been eager to see what this smooth-toned crooner has in store for his full-length debut. The name Jean Leon combines his parents’ middle names – Jean from his mom and Leon from his dad – and is a captivating representation of the variety of family-centred stories told throughout the album.

Edwards embraces vulnerability and deep dives into some of his most personal stories on Jean Leon; from love letters to his wife to confronting the different aspects of his parents’ divorce, Edwards brings each story to life with a contagious soulful groove. Jean Leon is the rapidly rising artist’s moment to show fans that he is offering something fresh yet so irresistibly addictive with his signature “Texas soul” sound. Listeners can expect to hear echoes of artists like Leon Bridges and Silk Sonic in Edwards’ music.

Jean Leon demands the attention of listeners with pristine retro-pop instrumentation beneath Edwards’ charismatic stylings. This project is a rare instance where you can expect to be enthralled with every track from start to finish. The golden-voiced crooner immediately hooks listeners with the warmth of his angelic vocals on the title track, “Jean Leon;” dressed with the boldness of a pristine brass section, the sparkle of a vintage electric guitar, and the subtleness of buttery keys, this track personifies and confronts his parents’ dysfunctional marriage atop a contagiously groovy bass line.

The soulful crooner pays homage to the love he has for his wife on the lead single “Girl From The Valley” with tender warmth and gorgeously poetic lyrics. “Best I Can” is a particularly moving track inspired by the hardships his mother endured and how they impacted her relationship with Edwards and his siblings. His breezy vocals soar on this track, oscillating between angelic melodies to haunting whispers that tug steadily at the heart strings. Edwards captures the most subtle nuances of the family experience on this album and delivers an earnest recount of his past while looking to the future with bright eyes.

Cover art for ‘Jean Leon’ by Micah Edwards