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TAFOYA Premiere Their Rocking New Single “Long Time Ago”

Chicago-area rock legend, Mike Tafoya premieres the single “Long Time Ago” off the debut EP ‘Freedom’ from his new project, TAFOYA.



For the modern classic rock fanatic, there isn’t a whole lot out there in terms of attractive new music that really captures the spirit and the essence of what rock used to be all about. But every once in a while, there’s a band that comes along that checks those boxes and resurrects that quality and energy, like TAFOYA. The band is proud to unveil their new single “Long Time Ago” today, the second single from their debut EP Freedom, due out on June 17th.

The group may be new, but there’s nothing unrefined about Mike Tafoya, the Chicago-area rock legend who has been a mainstay of that city’s music scene for nearly 50 years now. Tafoya is well known for his various bands like TheBoyzz, TheB’zz, Raw Dogs, and Tafoya’s Lost Boyzz, and now he’s returned with brand new bandmates, ready to deliver that hard-driving classic rock sound, with finely crafted melodies, and 1970s spirit.

“Long Time Ago” is the perfect illustration of what Mike Tafoya’s career has been all about, and where it stands now. In reference to the song, Tafoya tells us:

“We recorded ‘Long Time Ago’ at World Stage Studio (owned by Jim Peterik of Survivor). This song is a journey as well as a sort of autobiography, if you will.”

With 50 years spent in the music business, Tafoya is a true rock veteran and has earned the respect to be considered one of his city’s most beloved musicians, guitarists, and songwriters. Joining him within TAFOYA are drummer Craig Cederholm and bassist Leslidiana F. Biocic. It’s nice to be playing with new people and it shows in the music, with this one of the most solid lineups of musicians he’s ever played with. As the years, bands, and albums have gone by, Tafoya has become better and wiser at what he does, and with renewed purpose, he sounds refreshed and reenergized on what you’ll be hearing on Freedom. It’s been a hell of a 50-year run, but there’s a whole new chapter just starting, and it may just be the best one yet for Mike Tafoya.


Tour Dates:

06/25 – The Fire, Philadelphia, PA
06/30 – Bar Freda, New York City, NY

Artwork for the album ‘Freedom’ by TAFOYA