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Stone Broken (w/ Mason Hill, The Fallen State) Fly the Flag for Brit Rock in Manchester [Photos]

Stone Broken, Mason Hill and The Fallen State proved that Brit Rock has a bright future in Manchester. Check out the photos here.



This tour is all about rock. Not just any rock but British rock, showing us that there are many current and upcoming talented rock bands in the UK and is further proof that rock is far from dead!

Opening up the show is The Fallen State who are back and stronger than ever. With a small set, they sure did bring out the big guns opening up with “For My Sorrow,” the first single with the new vocalist Adam Methven. This isn’t the only line-up change as guitarist Dan Oke returns to the band after triumphantly beating lung cancer!

Having seen The Fallen State back in 2016 when they supported 3 Doors Down, I knew we were all in for a treat, especially after last month saw the band release their brand new album Between Hope and Disillusion. Performing tracks like “With Knives” and “Standing Tall,” the fans were loving it and, now they’re back, there is going to be no stopping them.

Up next is Scottish group Mason Hill, an upcoming band breaking the barriers in the music industry ever since their debut album Against The Wall came out back in March 2021. The band has just released their first live album Live in Glasgow and are excited to be on this tour and now making a load of new fans. An absolute pleasure to see and hear, the Scots open up with “Hold On” and perform their single “DNA” and more before ending their set with “Against The Wall” which includes an emotional tribute to singer Scott Taylor’s mum who would be so proud!

Stone Broken is a band that never ceases to amaze me. I first saw them back in 2016 playing at Hammerfest UK and I’ve been a fan ever since! Stone Broken have been a band which has stuck to their hard rock sound fine-tuning it to reach the perfect balance of quality lyrics, riffs and solos. With their new album Revelation they’ve taken what they know to the next level!

To spoil us, the set includes the three singles from the album, “Revelation,” “Black Sunrise,” and “The Devil You Know” alongside fan favourites like “Heartbeat Away” and “Better.” Unfortunately, a medical emergency in the crowd brought the show to a premature end but, thankfully, the person in question made a full recovery the next day.

Despite the show being cut short, all three bands showed us tonight that British rock has a very bright future in front of it.

Stone Broken (w/ Mason Hill, The Fallen State) @ Academy 2 (Manchester, UK) on April 22, 2022